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Culture x Climate 2020: mobilising arts, culture and heritage for climate action

Culture x Climate 2020 is a virtual global forum for arts, culture and heritage-based climate action, presented from 12 October to 27 November, by the Climate Heritage Network.

Culture x Climate 2020 brings together leaders, practitioners, researchers, and experts from business, government, universities and civil society to promote new partnerships between cultural actors and stakeholders across sectors. It is designed to unite all those interested in the role of arts, culture and heritage in tackling the climate emergency and aims to enhance the capacity of these sectors to help build a climate-neutral and resilient world in the time of COVID-19.

Over a 45-day period, three events series will be held:

  • November Dialogues. A series of three virtual Dialogues across multiple time zones under the theme: “A Culture of Resilience: Mobilising Arts, Culture and Heritage to Win the Race to Zero” held as part of the UN November Dialogues.

  • Regional Climate Heritage Forums. A series of five Climate Heritage Network regional forums that will spotlight the work in each region of the world to mobilise arts, culture and heritage for climate action. They include Africa and the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States, Latin America and the Caribbean, and North America.

  • Climate Heritage Mobilisation Webinars. A series of 7 webinars, held in partnership with Historic England's Climate Friday, showcasing the diverse work across the Climate Heritage Network to increase the ambition and capacity of arts, culture and heritage to engage in climate action, science and policy.

In addition, on November 16, Climate Heritage Network members and other partners will meet in an action-oriented Annual General Assembly with the aim of organizing, planning and preparing to bring the voice of arts, culture and heritage to the next UN Climate Summit (COP26).