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Procurement Week 2015

PREFORMA project has been invited to exhibit at the Game Changing Exhibition event organised by the Institute for Competition and Procurement Studies in the framework of the Procurement Week 2015. Continue reading

Pictoplasma Festival Berlin

by Lucia Ruggiero The Pictoplasma Festival has announced the line-up of the event in Berlin in 2014, which will mark its 10th anniversary. The festival will include conferences and art exhibitions from artists from all over the world, including the … Continue reading

Laure Prouvost wins Turner Prize for video installation piece

Laure Prouvost has won the 2013 Turner Prize for her video installation “Wantee”, inspired by the German, 20th Century artist Kurt Schwitters, signaling a triumph for digital art in the contemporary art world as a whole. Continue reading

Australia, Royal Academy of Arts’ big exhibition

From early Aboriginal art through to work by some of today’s most established Australian artists, this exhibition is a journey through a nation’s history and its people. The concept of this exhibition is to shed light on a period of rapid and intense change; from the impact of colonisation on an indigenous people, to the pioneering nation building of the 19th century through to the enterprising urbanisation of the last 100 years. Continue reading

The Pacific Art League exhibition: ‘Taking Digital Art to the Streets’

Blurring the gap between digital art and traditional art: the integration of traditional art forms with digitally created artwork at the Pacific Art League exhibition demonstrates that rather than digital art being seen as a separate or lesser entity to fine art, it may actually become accepted as a standard art form in the future. Continue reading

Prize winners at the Alys Beach Digital Graffiti Festival

The winning pieces are all incredibly diverse in content and concept. While some feature more abstract images and shapes, others concentrate more on the use of light and images to capture particular sentiments. Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach is the world’s first projection art festival, with artists using the latest technologies to project their original works onto the town’s iconic white walls. Continue reading


SEA2013 is a symposium of electronic arts currently taking place in Sydney, Australia, and featuring more than 35 art exhibitions, public, talks, conferences, performances and workshops. The main theme of the event is ‘Resistance is Futile’, incapsulating the idea that society has been unable to resist electronic art as an intrinsic part of our contemporary world. Continue reading

Digital sculpture at Sónar Festival, Barcelona

A 12-metre-tall, digital, audiovisual sculpture has been unveiled for viewing at the National Museum of Catalonia in Barcelona. The digital sculpture, by Italian artist Davide Quayola, is based on an sculpture of Rodin, and is part of the International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Arts, Sónar. Continue reading

The fifth series of the ‘Ways of Making’ digital art exhibition in Illinois

The exhibition features three artists who use digital images and tools to make their art. “The resulting work transcends the medium and rewards the viewer with rich narratives, intoxicating visual experiences, and reflective social commentary”. Continue reading

Digital Life 2012 – Human Connections

Fondazione Romaeuropa presents “Digital Life 2012 – Human Connections”, a journey-like modular installation developed in three different symbolic venues. At the ex-Gil Trastevere the exhibition explores the connection between creative digital languages and their fertile relationships with the most advanced technologies showing art … Continue reading