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“Sensorium” project at York University, Toronto

Sensorium is an ambitious new research cluster based in the Faculty of Fine Arts at York University that supports cross-disciplinary work in application and content creation, artistic and scientific inquiry, policy development and critical discourse in digital media arts. A catalyst for new ideas and development, linking creative expertise, supporting cross-disciplinary and collaborative research, and fostering community and industry partnerships in the field of digital media arts. Continue reading

Digital art project ´DI-EGY´in Cairo

A new digital art project connecting the British Council and the Gezira Art Centre has been launched in Cairo, Egypt, entitled “DI-EGY Festival´. By presenting digital art pioneers in Egypt and exchanging experience with experts from many countries, young artists will gain an awareness of how to shift or digitalize their art practices. Continue reading

The Light Show

The exhibition, in this way, also demonstrates that despite technological and digital advances, a physical presence can still be essential in gaining a real feel for an exhibition such as this one. The exhibition, which is on at the Hayward Gallery, part of the Southbank Centre, will be available to the public until May. Continue reading

100×100=900 Celebrating videoart

100 videoartists from all the world create 100 video artworks, each of which is based on one year of 1900s, matched randomly. With a wide network of collaborations, the project itself will be showed around the world, in an innovative way that will reach many nations along 2013. The present approach to a collective and visionary narration of the century, through an artistic and plural outlook, aims at stimulating the public discourse about the forthcoming roots of our present. Continue reading