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The Light Show

The exhibition, in this way, also demonstrates that despite technological and digital advances, a physical presence can still be essential in gaining a real feel for an exhibition such as this one. The exhibition, which is on at the Hayward Gallery, part of the Southbank Centre, will be available to the public until May. Continue reading

Alasdair and Jock Projecting onto Buckingham Palace

Animation duo Alasdair and Jock had their animation piece “Must Be Love” projected on enormous screens at Buckingham Palace during celebrations of the Queen’s diamond jubilee. Continue reading

Why couldn’t applied media be Art?

“As a graphic artist I find it great fun and very inspiring to experiment with new media and techniques”, Evert says. “In the art school that I attended, tutors did not particularly like my work, because I was always balancing on the razor thin edge between art and applied graphical media…. You can call my graphic work “applied”, and you can call it “art” if you so wish.” Continue reading

Hussein Chalayan’s “Place to Passage” in Madrid

While the designer Hussein Chalayan is known for his conceptual and experimental approach to fashion, this video piece takes his artistic abilities to a whole new level. Continue reading

Collection of short animation films

“RECON Digital also closed investment and as part of their growth plan took on 6 apprentices for a 9 month apprenticeship that would culminate in the production of a body of work for the young animators” Continue reading

Kudzanai Chiurai’s artwork

The Zimbabwean artist Kudzanai Chiurai uses a mixture of digital photography, editing and printing in the creation of these posters which make a powerful, political and social statement about conflict and violence. Continue reading

Timothy Simon’s visual campaign in Kenya

“Inspired by the upcoming Kenyan election, Timothy Simon created a 3D render that is simulated by the Kenyan National Anthem.

The animation was made using Cinema 4D and a sound effector, the ideology behind it was inspired by a tutorial observed made by Mr Nick Campbell. The three elements used are a sphere, pyramid and a platonic each with a colour from the Kenyan National Flag.” Continue reading

How Mainstream Video Cartoons and Games are being used as Teaching Tools

Nowadays, children need to get to grips with using the internet and a computer as soon as possible. Online video games provide them with a way to do this which is fun, friendly and effective. If you are looking for innovative teaching tools then cartoons and video games can provide you with exactly that. As you can see from the points mentioned in this article; the benefits are certainly worth it. Continue reading

FutureEverything Conference 2013, Summit of Ideas & Digital Invention

The FutureEverything Conference 2013 is being held at Piccadilly Place in Manchester on 21 – 22 March 2013. With a series of speakers from around the world, including sessions with Google, Vimeo & the BBC, the 2013 FutureEverything conference is … Continue reading


The conference took place in the extraordinary Salone dei Duecento (Room of the 200) of the Palazzo Vecchio. Smart University Forum (SUF) is a current initiative aiming at becoming a global‐ reference opportunity to meet, exchange experiences and discuss academic developments towards open, smart and thriving universities. Continue reading