Topic: interactivity

Mobile Digital Museum – the frontier for cultural heritage exhibitions

The Mobile Digital Museum was opened to the public on 18 May 2013 to commemorate World Museum Day. It is believed that it is the world first museum where no authentic physical artifacts are exhibited but only high resolution 3D models of them are presented. The Mobile Museum is equipped with the most advanced and engaging technologies for a truly interactive experience. Continue reading

Nike’s interactive digital art installation

The art installation “The Art + Science of Natural Motion” uses Microsoft Kinect technology in order to mimic and react to human bodies interacting with the digital screen, which copies the human movement and displays it in brightly coloured light patterns on the screen. Continue reading

More than interactivity #2: the finale is decided by the fans via web

The very peculiar and experimental idea that producers are launching for season two is that the viewers will influence the outcome of the show’s finale via a digital and social initiative. An article by Cristine Champagne recently appeared on the magazine Co.Create to tell in detail how this mechanism works. Continue reading

The Hellenic Cultural Guide

The guide’s multiple functions allow the user to view and collect cultural and administrative information in all the country prefectures.
The user can access the Cultural Guide via the Hellenic national cultural portal “Odysseus”, either through web browsers or mobile browsers. Additionally, in selected museums (e.g National Archaeological Museum) the visitor has the opportunity to access the Cultural Guide through touch screens. Continue reading

From Neanderthal to Space Art

The eCultValue project that started on 1 February 2013 will support and encourage the use of new technologies that have the potential to revolutionise new ways to access cultural heritage and experiences offered by cultural resources in real and virtual environments or a mix of both. The eCult Observatory, an on-line platform, will act as a “one-stop-shop” for Cultural heritage, new technologies and the exchange of knowledge. Continue reading

The PhotoDreamers Hangout: virtual photography for those who cannot travel

Using the free Google+ technology, a group of international photographers will arrange ‘hangouts’ via the internet where people who are photography or travel enthusiasts, but who are unable to participate due to disabilities or health issues, can be virtual photographers thanks to modern technology. The idea originated with Paula da Silva, a world renowned equine fine art photographer based in Italy. Continue reading

ARTSY, all the world’s art freely accessible provides one of the largest collections of contemporary art available online. Thousands of works from diverse cultures and time periods are accessible for study and enjoyment, and possibly for purchase, with the support of the team of experts. By making all the world’s art freely accessible, hopes to foster new generations of art lovers, museum goers, collectors, and patrons. Continue reading

Information Navigation in the City – the Helsinki case

The report shows what ‘smart city’ means in Helsinki. The report is based on interviews carried out in the municipal organisation and city community as well as a charting of the city’s information system descriptions. The role of cities is of profound importance as they are to be considered a key driver of innovation in Future Internet services and applications. Continue reading

Augmented reality: enriching culture

Augmented Reality was initially used for military, industrial, and medical applications, but was soon applied to commercial and entertainment areas as well. In the cultural sector, it can be of particular relevance in the fields of archaeology, architecture, art, city planning, for applications in tourism, education, social innovation Continue reading

DOTS n. 3 is now available for iPad

DOTS is an English-language iPad magazine, an international guide through the world of contemporary art and creativity. In addition to the main articles connected by a common theme, DOTS provides you with lots of tips, trends and must-sees in its regular features Dotspot and World of Art. Continue reading