Topic: interactivity

FST, digital integrated and crossmedia communication in Tuscany and beyond

Fondazione Sistema Toscana is a no profit partecipative foundation to enhance the Tuscan territorial system through integrated multimedia communication tools and international initiatives. The Foundation is involved in the field of web 2.0, digital communication, territorial marketing, online touristic promotion. It is also now entering in the European landscape to boost its competencies through EU projects. Continue reading

photo Medelhavsmuseet
Mummies virtually unwrapped in Sweden

Medelhavsmuseet – the Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities in Stockholm will digitally place human mummies on a virtual autopsy table. The work is taking place in advance of a new exhibition on Egypt, which is due to open in 2014. It will be possible to zoom into very high resolution to see details like carving marks on a sarcophagus, and the true colors of the mummy. The 3D model also allows to “unwrap” a mummy by peeling off virtual layers of the wrapping to explore the mummy itself and the artifacts that were buried with the body. Continue reading

grand front 2
Osaka, revolutionary ways for empowering culture with technologies

Knowledge Capital project is a unique urban development project which heavily relies on the human, information and technology as a capital in the city. By utilizing this capital, the city can disseminate a new creativity for future human life. In the Knowledge Capital, Academia, Industry and Government come together to develop products which use advanced technology and are tried in the advanced showroom the Lab. Continue reading

Sónar Festival in its 20th year

Sónar Festival in Barcelona recently celebrated its 20th year of showcasing music, new media techonologies and art. The festival, officially named the Sónar International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art was held between 13th and 16th of June this month and is a pioneering, one-of-a-kind event due to the incredible range of activities, concerts, events and exhibitions on show. Continue reading

Personalized tools to enhance visitors’ experience in the museums

An example of this implementations was the Schahname exhibition the Museum of Islamic Art in the Pergamonmuseum Berlin. All RFID components, a controlling computer, feedback components (audio and light) and antennas are installed in a shell. Only the shell varies for different applications, for example for the Schahname exhibition it was a digital storyteller. The visitors can collect information (stories) with a bookmark. Continue reading

pQubd – Creativity Unleashed

pQubd is a multi-day celebration of the transformative impact of mobile imagery and digital art forms. This first-of-its-kind gathering illustrates the magnitude and reach of these new media by joining together innovators and influencers ranging from artists, gamers, filmmakers, designers, … Continue reading

comics on Ipad
Digital comics go interactive

Not only has the digital artwork used in digitally published comics become dynamic and 3D, but the new format used to create them will allow readers to manipulate and decide the outcome of the story. With the debut of the DC2 format, readers will be able to choose from a selection of different paths the story can take. Continue reading

helix tree
An enormous interactive, luminous tree of steel is standing in Fed Square in Melbourne

Fabricated from 12 tonnes of metal, partly sourced from scraps, steel pipes have been rolled, cut, twisted then re-welded into 40 different radii creating the helical spirals of the sculpture. The 21 steel branches are reinforced by steel ring beams to provide structural strength and will include over 1500 metres of LED neon, which will be reflected in the pond of water at the sculpture’s base. Continue reading

Google Maps launches a better experience for users

It was revealed that a new, updated version of Google Maps will be made available to mobile and tablet users in the summer, and will include much higher quality images and even 3D tours. Continue reading

Mobile Digital Museum – the frontier for cultural heritage exhibitions

The Mobile Digital Museum was opened to the public on 18 May 2013 to commemorate World Museum Day. It is believed that it is the world first museum where no authentic physical artifacts are exhibited but only high resolution 3D models of them are presented. The Mobile Museum is equipped with the most advanced and engaging technologies for a truly interactive experience. Continue reading