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Print Club London makes limited edition prints for the Film4 Summer Screen

Print Club London, an art studio based in Dalston that creates unique, limited edition screenprints, recently created a series of 17 film posters to mark the Film4 Summer Screen, an outdoor cinema hosted by Film4 giving Londoners a chance to catch some of the most iconic films of our generation, British weather permitting. Continue reading

Hal Lasko, the pixel painter

The work of Hal Lasko (98-years-old) shows that no matter how many innovative, artistic programmes are created for computer-based artwork, sometimes going back to basics really can get an artist some recognition. After all, a software as basic as MS Paint surely shows an artist’s natural ability and talent to make something incredible out of something so average, more than a software with hundreds of different effects and buttons to mask up a less-able artist. Continue reading

The Pacific Art League exhibition: ‘Taking Digital Art to the Streets’

Blurring the gap between digital art and traditional art: the integration of traditional art forms with digitally created artwork at the Pacific Art League exhibition demonstrates that rather than digital art being seen as a separate or lesser entity to fine art, it may actually become accepted as a standard art form in the future. Continue reading

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The Dutchmann Racing Profile Portfolio

Each poster was designed by a different illustrator with the intention of combining traditional African art influences and patterns with the iconic images associated with racing posters. The posters also mark the huge importance of digital art and design in the world of advertising, as vintage racing posters usually comprise of a simple black and white photo and the smiling faces of car owners. Continue reading

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Digital comics go interactive

Not only has the digital artwork used in digitally published comics become dynamic and 3D, but the new format used to create them will allow readers to manipulate and decide the outcome of the story. With the debut of the DC2 format, readers will be able to choose from a selection of different paths the story can take. Continue reading

Pick Me Up Graphic Arts Festival

Somerset House has just launched this year’s ‘Pick Me Up‘ exhibition in London, giving those interested in digital art and design the opportunity to buy art pieces at more affordable prices. This year the instalment includes interactive exhibitions using computer … Continue reading

Why couldn’t applied media be Art?

“As a graphic artist I find it great fun and very inspiring to experiment with new media and techniques”, Evert says. “In the art school that I attended, tutors did not particularly like my work, because I was always balancing on the razor thin edge between art and applied graphical media…. You can call my graphic work “applied”, and you can call it “art” if you so wish.” Continue reading

Virtual sculptures by Francesco Mai

Virtual sculptures forged into the intangible substance of bits; three-dimensional models made of calculation and imagination, realistically lighted in complex and detailed rendering. His objects don’t exist but are full of life and force, coming from twisting and sharp prickles: they are need for protection, never for attack. But their defence could be deadly. Continue reading

Modern Digital Painting – Rena De Beer

Rena De Beer’s artistic dedication focuses on the correlation of visual and written information in the digital world concentrating on the entertainment industry. Rena De Beer lives and works in Los Angeles. She integrates the creative mind with modern technology. Continue reading

“Pietrasanta è”: the city that communicates – Dialogues between technology and aesthetics (italian language)

(Italian language) Come il web e Facebook stanno cambiando le nostre esistenze, il mondo e anche Pietrasanta*? Come cambia il nostro modo di abitare e lavorare? Come stanno evolvendo e reinventandosi l’estetica e il pensiero e perché un luogo fisicamente … Continue reading