Topic: fine arts

The fifth series of the ‘Ways of Making’ digital art exhibition in Illinois

The exhibition features three artists who use digital images and tools to make their art. “The resulting work transcends the medium and rewards the viewer with rich narratives, intoxicating visual experiences, and reflective social commentary”. Continue reading

Hussein Chalayan’s “Place to Passage” in Madrid

While the designer Hussein Chalayan is known for his conceptual and experimental approach to fashion, this video piece takes his artistic abilities to a whole new level. Continue reading

Roeland Otten’s innovative urban camouflaging

“an art installation on the streets of Rotterdam that covers up urban eyesores with images of the architectural beauty which once existed”. These images are remarkably well integrated into the urban landscape so that they appear, from a 360 degree perspective, to be part of the other buildings and structures which surround them. Continue reading

Frantz Boris Photography Exhibition for Kenako charity work

The photography exhibition is part of the project Kenako, based in Luxembourg, that supports children’s eduction in South Africa. Continue reading

Abandoned Paintings

Copying, revisiting or simply mentioning the classical masters of painting has always been a mean of expression for many artists. A new interpretation of this idea comes from Bence Hajdu who imagined the escape of the protagonists of the most famous scenes of classical painting. The simple and just technical act of removing the characters from these famous paintings opens the door to new stories and new interpretations: the result is a silent scene, a somehow unsettling ghost town. Continue reading


The first major U.S. exhibition of leading Chinese artist Lin Tianmiao*, Bound Unbound surveys the past 20 years of her captivating installations and sculpture. Through exquisite handwork using thread winding, embroidery, and sculptural processes, Lin Tianmiao has explored her interest in the … Continue reading

ARTSY, all the world’s art freely accessible provides one of the largest collections of contemporary art available online. Thousands of works from diverse cultures and time periods are accessible for study and enjoyment, and possibly for purchase, with the support of the team of experts. By making all the world’s art freely accessible, hopes to foster new generations of art lovers, museum goers, collectors, and patrons. Continue reading

The Photoshop World of Shingo Matsunuma

After beginning his career as an oil painter, the digital artist known as Shichigoro has found his way into further explorations of his themes through Photoshop. Mixing biology with organic machines, his work is influenced by anime and manga. Continue reading

World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

The Girona City Council, through the Centre for Image Research and Diffusion (CRDI, abbreviated in Catalan) and with the collaboration of the Cinema Museum, celebrated once more the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage with several activities: The virtual exhibition “Girona … Continue reading

Virtual Exhibitions by Museum With No Frontiers

With its program of virtual exhibitions opened in 2005, and a series of 18 exhibitions of Islamic Art in the Mediterranean, Museum With No Frontiers for the first time realized real exhibitions, designed specifically for the web and realized in virtual form as a product in its own right, with the aim of encouraging the visit through the original approach to the theme and the variety of exposed materials. Continue reading