Topic: digital preservation

Is the Future of Preservation Cloudy?

Schloss Dagstuhl – Leibniz Center for Informatics (German: Schloss Dagstuhl – Leibniz-Zentrum für Informatik GmbH) is the world’s premier venue for informatics. World-class scientists, promising young researchers, and practioners come together to exchange their knowledge and to discuss their research … Continue reading

ASPIRE foresight study topic reports published

Beside Medicine, Physics and Science, data handling and storage represent big challenges also to cultural heritage and art. In the Aspire report, interesting contributions come from dr. Antonella Fresa as for digital cultural heritage, and from Gill Davies as for distributed music performance. Continue reading

Digital Cultural Heritage, steps forward to Horizon 2020

A very interesting article by dr. Antonella Fresa explains in detail characteristics, requirements and needed priority services in the digital cultural heritage sector, that is going to be a protagonist among the other Sciences in the new European programme for research and innovazion Horizon 2020. The article has been published in the International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing edited by the Edimburgh University Press. Continue reading

CULTURAL HERITAGE on line – Trusted Digital Repositories & Trusted Professionals

The 3rd edition of the “CULTURAL HERITAGE on line – Trusted Digital Repositories & Trusted Professionals” Conference will be held on 11-12 December 2012 in Florence, with a rich program of specialised events and tutorials. The focus is on competences … Continue reading

IFLA satellite meeting “Bibliography in the digital age”

Beside the main conference in Helsinki IFLA 2012, a wide and interesting list of satellite meetings took place in Finland and other countries. One about bibliography was held at National Library of Poland in Warsaw and presentations and videos are now available on the Internet. Continue reading

Reshaping History – A Future for our Past

Some of the world’s most famous museums, housing our most precious cultural treasures, are at the cutting edge of 3D technology innovation. This exhibition travels the world to bring you the latest in scientific innovation in the heritage sector. Come and see how this is helping us re-discover the hidden secrets of our past. Continue reading

DCA – Digitising Contemporary Art

Digitising Contemporary Art’ (DCA) is a 30-month digitisation project for contemporary art, which will enrich Europeana with a kind of cultural heritage still largely missing from the european digital library. The project comprises 25 partners from 10 EU member states and 2 associated countries, Croatia and Iceland. Continue reading

Hyperborea presents “Territori”: the Italian web portal of cadastres and historical cartography

During 2011 Hyperborea managed an high level project focused on the concept, planning and online publication of Territori, the Italian web portal of cadastres and historical cartography. In particular Hyperborea made tasks like the graphical project, the informative architecture and the technological structure of Territori. Continue reading

The Bridgeman Art Library’s New Footage Collection

The Bridgeman Art Library has created the internet’s largest database of online cultural footage ready available to professionals. The database includes videos with audio from social and ancient history, as well as over 500,000 stills and artist profiles which can all be accessed and downloaded at the click of a button. Continue reading