Topic: art and new media technologies

The Art of Video Games @ Smithsonian

The Smithsonian American Art Museum hosts a very special exhibition, to explore the forty-year evolution of video games as an artistic medium, with a focus on striking visual effects and the creative use of new technologies. The exhibition features some of the most influential artists and designers during five eras of game technology. Continue reading

Will computer-generated imagery transform communication and entertainment in the years to come?

from our UK correspondent Lucia Ruggiero Last night, 17th April 2012, at a concert in Coachella, California, the rapper Tupac appeared on stage in a special performance alongside Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. The problem is that Tupac died in 1996. … Continue reading

A True Renaissance Man In The Digital World

Artist Jared Bendis likes to make light of his self-described title as the “man of many hats,” but this innovator has many insights and opinions about the new technologies that are affecting the contemporary art world. As the Creative New Media Officer at Case Western Reserve University, he works with the latest trends concerning technologies in our “digital” existence on a daily basis. Continue reading

CYNETART Festival 2012

CYNETART is an international festival for computer-aided art in Dresden. The festival has been the focal point of the research at Trans-Media-Akademie (TMA) Hellerau for over fifteen years now. This work has made the festival become a countrywide and internationally … Continue reading

The first sound of the future: Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku is a singing synthesizer application with a female character, developed by a well-known Japanese company. She had risen as a virtual idol with thousands of real followers, and – as the company decided to replace her with a new software – her farewell concert series went sold-out. Continue reading

“The term ‘digital art’ becomes virtually meaningless”

Scott Ligon, award-winning digital artist and filmmaker, coordinator for the digital foundation curriculum at the Cleveland Institute of Art, shares his idea about digital technologies and the contemporary art world. Continue reading

Gap Project – Generations Compared

7-8-9 March 2012 Sala incontri MAXXI B.A.S.E. Curators: Micol Di Veroli and Giovanna Sarno   The Gap Project – Generations Compared aims to provide evidence to the medial and imaginative power of video art, a means to transmit sensations and … Continue reading

deviantART [dee•vee•un’nt•ART]

deviantART is a platform that allows emerging and established artists to exhibit, promote, and share their works within a peer community dedicated to the arts. The site’s vibrant social network environment receives about 140,000 daily uploads of original art works of any genre, from all over the world. Continue reading

European Collected Library of Artistic Performance

ECLAP fills the gap between digital libraries of performing arts and the high demand for access to this content by creating a considerable, and yet missing, online archive for all the performing arts in Europe, and providing solutions and tools to help performing arts institutions to enter Europeana. Continue reading

Powerless Structures, Fig 101

A beautiful new sculpture which is set to change the way digital media communicates and connects with traditional art forms was recently unveiled on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square in central London. Continue reading