Topic: art and new media technologies

Videogames, more than entertainment

Videogames represent not only a fun for the whole family, but also have great impacts and benefits on several aspects of society: art, education, economy, social issues and much more. This is also witnessed by the fact that hundreds of US schools nowadays offer courses for computer and video game design and programming. Continue reading

The Time Keeper: 3 artists explore about the concept of Time

This exhibition focuses on the theme of Time and its different dimensions (present, past and future), from an art perspective and the perception of contemporary society. Whether visual, musical or installation, different expressions of Time are interacting with human psychological and physical factors through the medium of art. The result is a contemporary art overview revealing the complexity of the temporal dimension, approached from several (creative) angles. Continue reading

Augmented Reality, a bridge between our universe and the digital universe.

Project Paperclip is a photography exhibit that uses real-time processed reactive soundscapes. The concept was imagined by the Portuguese creative Nuno Serrão, and by including the auditory canal, it tries to transport visitors to a state that gives them a more immersive interpretation of the 16 photographs. Continue reading

London 2012 offers first look at Olympic Torch design
emoto, London 2012

emoto is a unique data art project that sets out to visualise the online emotional response to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The collected emotion data is captured and visualised into an artwork which can be experienced via a web-based visualisation, on-site installations, and an ‘emoto in London’ mobile app. Continue reading

Teleperformance: collaborating towards new artistic forms.

New technologies have opened new perspectives in the artistic field. Nowadays, numerous artistic and cultural projects use those technologies as tools, subjects or medium to explore and express new visions of the real and virtual worlds. One of these technologies, … Continue reading

DCA – Digitising Contemporary Art

Digitising Contemporary Art’ (DCA) is a 30-month digitisation project for contemporary art, which will enrich Europeana with a kind of cultural heritage still largely missing from the european digital library. The project comprises 25 partners from 10 EU member states and 2 associated countries, Croatia and Iceland. Continue reading

Technology as second nature in the latest Dots Magazine

Dots is a new interactive iPad magazine featuring international contemporary art and creativity. Second issue just released is themed Art & Technology and puts innovative artists like Daan Roosegaarde, Bart Hess, Tarik Barri and Aaron Koblin in the spotlight. Continue reading

Modern Street Art: when Unconventional Art encourage People

Street art can be a powerful platform for reaching the public, and many of the artists use social media (Facebook, Flickr) to maintain their fan base and to spread their art work further. In recent years, from being aggressive, street artists have mellowed down and a lot of them have taken the modern street art revolution to a more mature and humanist level, to encourage people to feel better about themselves every day. Continue reading

Editech – Editoria, Innovazione, Tecnologie

Book publishing today is a market where digital and traditional coexist, where borders and frontiers blur and at the same time defy each other. It is a world where the roles of readers, publishers, authors, distributors refuse to be rigidly … Continue reading

IPhone will bring you to discover Florence during Dante Alighieri’s era.

There are many ways to visit a city, and Florence, owing to its artistic richness, can be visited in many alternative tours. Concurrent to the performances of Roberto Benigni in Florence (Piazza Santa Croce), “TuttoDante”, 12 events during which the … Continue reading