Topic: art and new media technologies

Modern Digital Painting – Rena De Beer

Rena De Beer’s artistic dedication focuses on the correlation of visual and written information in the digital world concentrating on the entertainment industry. Rena De Beer lives and works in Los Angeles. She integrates the creative mind with modern technology. Continue reading

“Pietrasanta è”: the city that communicates – Dialogues between technology and aesthetics (italian language)

(Italian language) Come il web e Facebook stanno cambiando le nostre esistenze, il mondo e anche Pietrasanta*? Come cambia il nostro modo di abitare e lavorare? Come stanno evolvendo e reinventandosi l’estetica e il pensiero e perché un luogo fisicamente … Continue reading

Digital Life 2012 – Human Connections

Fondazione Romaeuropa presents “Digital Life 2012 – Human Connections”, a journey-like modular installation developed in three different symbolic venues. At the ex-Gil Trastevere the exhibition explores the connection between creative digital languages and their fertile relationships with the most advanced technologies showing art … Continue reading

eVenti Verticali, a new form of theater with the support of digital technologies

eVenti Verticali’s new ACTION SHOW takes place around a 50m² screen lifted by a crane. The story is projected on the screen, and develops around the performers’ actions. The result is a VIRTUAL AND INTERACTIVE video set! Drama, videosets and physical elements combine in a visual comedy show where 2D projections are combined with 3D acrobats and actors, producing a truly unique effect. Continue reading

Second Prix Ars Electronica Collide@CERN laureate announced

Collide@CERN is part of CERN’s policy for engagement with the arts, Great Arts for Great Science, initiated and launched by the laboratory in 2011. It is an annual international competition that will run for a period of three years. Continue reading

DOTS n. 3 is now available for iPad

DOTS is an English-language iPad magazine, an international guide through the world of contemporary art and creativity. In addition to the main articles connected by a common theme, DOTS provides you with lots of tips, trends and must-sees in its regular features Dotspot and World of Art. Continue reading

‘Rain Room’ at London’s Barbican

The exhibition entitled ‘Rain Room’ was created by Hannes Koch, Florian Ortkrass and Stuart Wood, three contemporary artists and graduates from the Royal College of Art in London. It features a digitalized simulation of the sounds, humidity and visual experience of rainfall… but without getting wet. The unique installation is yet another example of how the role of digital technology is taking audience participation, response and interaction to the next level within the world of art. Continue reading

ECLAP: e-library for performing arts to hold a public workshop

Performing Arts Digital Collections: ECLAP – Connecting stages. Best Practice Network presents: Stage heritage at your fingertips. We kindly invite you to the workshop Stage heritage at your fingertips. Held by the ECLAP – Connecting Stages, Best Practice Network, it is the fourth in the series of international events planned by this international European consortium of technology and content providers. Continue reading

APO-CALYPSE: International contemporary art exhibition in Switzerland

APO-CALYPSE is an ambitious project which will bring together 28 Swiss and international visual artists on the theme of the apocalypse. The exhibition will be bringing together very young artists as well as major figures of contemporary art. Einzweidrei will be exhibiting photography, video, sculpture, ceramics, drawings and installations. Continue reading

The Photoshop World of Shingo Matsunuma

After beginning his career as an oil painter, the digital artist known as Shichigoro has found his way into further explorations of his themes through Photoshop. Mixing biology with organic machines, his work is influenced by anime and manga. Continue reading