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The phenomenon of globalization and the spread of digital infrastructures - which are both the means and the cause of globalization itself – have been creating an interrelation among the fields of culture, once considered very distant. Today, the sciences, the arts, the humanities, while retaining irreducible differences, tend to meet, contaminate and mutually enrich through the use of new media and new technologies.

DIGITALMEETSCULTURE is intended as a portal for gathering information about the digital culture in the world, taking into account the different approaches that science, cultural heritage and arts have to the digital age. This portal aims to act as a reference point and as a valuable mean of information and communication for different users in a global dimension. It is conceived as a meeting place between technologies and arts & humanities.

The use of the network and digital technology is evolving towards more and more interactive forms, with a clear trend towards the interchangeability of roles between sender and receiver of information (Web 2.0).

In particular, the speed and the amount of information offered by new technologies, allow, through specific projects, to increase the accessibility to cultural heritage: works of art, texts and documents, whose physical accessibility is limited by many factors, can be readily available to the global network, thus increasing the possibilities of use and approaching researchers, experts, enthusiasts and curious ones to a field which initially was elitist.

In addition, more and more artists of every discipline, from visual to performance arts, use computer technology as a tool and the web as a space for displaying and disseminating their works.

DIGITALMEETSCULTURE aims to promote and to foster the spread of the digital culture for its considerable innovative impact on the society, for its positive effects on the circulation of information and on the communication of ideas among and across different fields, and for its contribution to creative thinking.

dr. Valentina Bachi, executive editor, presents digitalmeetsculture @ EVA Florence, Chairman prof. Franco Niccolucci

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