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Discover the WEAVE toolkit - online workshops


A hands-on series of online workshops is being organised to showcase the capabilities of the different tools made available by the WEAVE project towards new forms of engagement with 3D content and intangible heritage from Europeana. Through a number of specific tasks that the participants will accomplish together with the presenter the user journey is explained in detail and questions can be answered. At the end of the workshop there will be space for a discussion to be had between the participants.


  • 7th September at 11:30 CET: SAGE data management and enrichment platform.Discover the new functionalities of SAGE and learn how to structure and semantically enrich data. Additionally, we will demonstrate the validation system integrated into the platform used to evaluate the results of the automatic enrichment and discuss different validation approaches.

  • 8th September at 13.00 CET: WEAVER 3D Asset Manager. We will demonstrate how the 3D content can be uploaded, managed, visualised and shared.

  • 9th September 15:00 CET: MotionNotes tool for video annotation. Participants will learn how videos, in particular of dance, can be effectively annotated and how 3D can be brought into the workflow.

  • 12th September at 13:00 CET: WEAVEx tool for content re-use and storytelling. During this session we will explore how Europeana content can be brought into new forms of storytelling and what new forms of engagement these can create.

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