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WACREN 2015 Conference

WACRENWACREN is organizing its 2nd Annual Conference on 12-13 March 2015 in Abuja, hosted by the Nigerian Research and Education Network (NgREN).


The main theme of the conference is: "Enabling Virtual Research and Education Communities", with the following sub-themes:


  1. Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI) and Mobility

  2. NREN Business and Governance Models

  3. Innovation in R&E Networks

  4. Network Design and Operation

  5. Online Teaching and Learning

  6. Shared Experiences, Best Practices and Collaboration


For more information visit the conference website.



WACREN is the West and Central African Research and Education Network which has been established to build and operate a world class network infrastructure, develop state of the art services, promote collaboration among national, regional, international research and education communities and build the capacity of the REN community.

The objectives of WACREN is the promotion and establishment of interconnections between national research and education networks in West and Central Africa to form a regional research and education network, the interconnection of this network with other regional and continental networks, and the provision of services aiming at fostering collaboration between research and education institutions in the region as well as between them and peer institutions at continental and international levels.