Verusart: a new partnership for fine art reproduction


256px-Gustav_Klimt_016On 29 April 2015, at the AAM (American Alliance of Museums) Annual Meeting & Museum Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, Larson-Juhl, Océ – A Canon Company and Arius Technology announced a partnership to reproduce and distribute fine art painting reproductions using advanced 3D laser scanning and elevated colour printing techniques capable of accurately reproducing the texture and relief of the artist’s original brushstrokes. The textured reproductions will be reproduced under license from copyright holders and marketed under the Verus Art brand name.
The first reproduced work, Echoes of Giverny by Texas-based Amanda Dunbar, is on display at the Larson-Juhl booth at the American Alliance of Museums (AAM), where the partnership was formally presented.

«We chose the AAM Annual Meeting and Museum Expo to launch our programme as it is the ideal venue to engage and educate the museum community on the opportunity this represents to their organisations – said Paul Noble, VP, Business Development at Larson-Juhl. «Further it was the perfect opportunity to showcase the respective capabilities of Arius in 3D laser scanning, Océ in elevated colour printing and Larson-Juhl in fine art framing. »

Verus Art is a turnkey programme whereby the partnerships’ representatives manage the entire process from ‘”in-museum” scanning of paintings, through to elevated printing, framing, marketing and distribution of the final reproductions. The programme is designed to minimise the operational impacts to museums. In additional to receiving royalties of each reproduction sold, museums will have rights to reuse the digital data for conservation and educational programmes and receive an allotment of reproductions for their own educational and fund raising programmes.

«Larson-Juhl has been in business for over 100 years, so it is critical to me this programme reflect the long term values our business is built upon – stated Drew Van Pelt, CEO, Larson-Juhl. «I believe we have assembled a strong team with Océ and Arius. The partnership has been successful in developing not only a truly unique product line, but has maintained a balance between economic and artistic interests. The royalties will enable museums the opportunity to further invest in the acquisition, conservation and education programmes on art and heritage, from which we all benefit. Our vision is to take consumer engagement and emotions to an unprecedented level when viewing a work of art that is recreated as the artist truly intended. »

VERUS ARTVerus Art framed reproductions are expected to retail for between $1,000 and $8,000, depending on the piece and number of reproductions, through the Larson-Juhl’s worldwide network.
Museums interested in the licensing program should contact Larson-Juhl directly.


Visit Verus Art at

For inquiries, please contact: Mario Mazzone at 1-844-647-2741 or email


About Larson-Juhl
Larson-Juhl, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is the largest frame manufacturer and conservation business in the world with roots dating back to 1893 and the Pacific Picture Frame company in Seattle USA. The company currently operates 61 facilities in 16 countries worldwide.
In 2007 Larson Juhl branched out beyond its core business and purchased Conservation by Design (CXD) which, since 1992, has worked with museums, galleries, libraries and archives as a leader in the conservation space. Subsequently Larson-Juhl advanced its global conservation leadership position by acquiring Stouls (France), Museo Direct and Armour Systems. Larson-Juhl actively serves more than 22,000 customers worldwide in the art, framing and conservation marketplaces.
In 2012 Larson-Juhl acquired the assets, including the intellectual property, of the art reproduction business Brushstrokes Fine Art. Through the Brushstrokes reproduction process art is reproduced in full colour and texture in a medium affordable for the masses.


About Océ – A Canon Company
Founded in 1877, Océ is a company of open-minded pioneers with a proven history of innovation. As a global leader in digital printing and imaging that joined its forces with Canon, it is their mission to invent, create and accelerate global digital technologies and connect them to local products and services.
One of the recent innovations of Océ is the Project EIGER, elevated printing technology. This cutting-edge elevated printing technology makes it possible to add an extra dimension to designs by printing multiple layers of ink onto a surface, delivering prints that you cannot only see but also touch. Océ applies this technology in the art and design market with a mission: bringing a new look and feel to graphic art applications by elevated images. A specific application of the EIGER elevated printing technology is the reproduction of fine art paintings of the world’s most famous painters. It combines full colour printing with a very accurate reproduction of the brush strokes and texture of the painting. The result is a reproduction that looks and feels like the original painting.


About Arius Technology
Arius Technology is a leader in laser-based optical scanning systems for three-dimensional digitisation of physical objects used in documentation, inspection, reverse engineering and 3D printing. Its flagship product, the Arius3D® Identik™ 300R auto-synchronised spot laser scanner, is the only 3D scanner using direct laser colour measurement to quantify and collect points containing both geometry and colour. Arius is a privately held Canadian company headquartered in Vancouver, BC.
For more information on Arius, visit:


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