Transmedia Bridge – European Cinema & Audiovisual Days


More than ever before, the projects have the leading role: for the first time they were centre of attention of Transmedia Bridge’s plenary session (14th November all-day-long) and then they had concrete building on the networking and brainstorming tables of 15th November.

Which projects?

Projects developed by those creative producers who believe, not only in the television and cinema but also in the web, the social networks, tablets and smart phones. The future contents, today!

Technical cooperative project enriching the documentary films with interactive contents and multi-platform distributions. The new media, already existing!

Now web version of magazines can become media for documentaries, surveys, reportage; by mobile devices now the documentary can grow, thanks to audience-generated contents, can enrich its own contents with reality, and enlarge the audience through social events.

Sounds realistic? Well just note 2 market’s signals: last year in USA two-thirds of citizens bought on-line contents, and just a few weeks ago in Italy web-adv exceeded printed ones and will be smiting TV ones. The world is changing and the Content finds more value (new business formats) and endurance (the long-lasting viewing which follows the quality).

Documentary, and independent productions, get through a new scenario: the networking.


A People business

Each franchising operation generates cooperative relationships. Around each project a tribe is born: a variety of editorial and technical families, and creative interfaces. It’s a community that for a while (but not so shortly as “the tail is long” in the transmedia world) will arrange the project starting from the beginning demo to final edition. Transmedia production, therefore, is like a story made of its characters.

People and companies play the leading role at TRANSMEDIA BRIDGE, where the stars of brand-new-genre interactive documentary have worked hard for 2 days as consultants of each participant’s project, helping them to meet among the group other participants, to enlarge and enrich better their own tribe.

So you can use the 2011 European Days as: advanced training, close simulation, or global business event: in the Knowledge Society these 3 aspects are a tribe themselves.

For further information (also in English):

Downloadable document: (PDF, 269 Kb)



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