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TransISTor 2012

TransISTor focuses on the new technologies employed in the production and post-production of feature films, documentaries and experimental media creations, training European audiovisual professionals through a series of cross-disciplinary workshops. Since 2005 CIANT has promoted TransISTor training initiative (TransISTor2011 is the 7th edition) which is of an increased interest for its target group.

What is TransISTor?

A multidisciplinary training initiative offering European professionals in the audiovisual sector four intensive workshops focused on new technologies in the following key areas:

  • Integrated approach to 3D cinema and stereoscopy. (script, storyboard, development, distribution and sale strategy).

  • Shooting Stereoscopic 3D live action scenes. (shooting schedule, location scouting, realisation, CGI supervising).

  • Stereoscopic 3D Post-production: CGI Visual effects and Stereoscopy 3D (motion capture, editing, combination of live action and CGI sequences).

What does TransISTor offer you?

  • Outstanding training in preservation techniques and methodologies for digital audiovisual works with respect to latest achievements.

  • The best practices in digital production within a newly structured workshop in domain of 3D cinema and stereoscopy.

  • Expanded training module in Stereoscopy post-production techniques exploring cutting-edge experiments with low and high budget equipments, integration & composition with the latest stereoscopic software technologies, enhance with motion capture tracking devices to give professional results.

  • Transistor audience: Producers, film directors, animators, professionals from the post-production field and from the animation industry, new media content providers and trainers, Computer Graphics visual artists.

TransISTor is run by CIANT: the International Centre for Art and New Technologies in Prague, Czech Republic.

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