Digital meets Culture
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Transfer gallery in Brooklyn turns digital work into tangible art

Article by Lucia Ruggiero


Gorczynski painting her Mac desktop mural at Transfer.

Transfer, a new gallery that has just opened in Brooklyn, New York, has opened its doors to a group of digital artists in order to give them the space to recreate their intangible pieces on to real walls and into real objects. The co-owners of the gallery, Kelani Nichole and Jereme Mongeon are offering the wall-space to artists so that they can literally “transfer” their digital pieces into the real world, using mediums such as sculpture and paint to do so.
The concept of the gallery presents an interesting question of the value of digital work, as while the project itself does not appear to devalue digital artwork, it touches upon the underlying anxiety brought on by a digital age in which everything can be produced by code and computers and where life itself becomes a simulation.

A diptych from “Truisms”

A diptych from “Truisms”

(Photos: From the ©Creators Project website 2014.)

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