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Export date: Sat May 28 4:44:50 2022 / +0000 GMT

Tourism 4.0 for the Black Sea

Tourism is increasingly popular at the Black Sea, while the challenges affecting the sustainability of the sector (environmental pressures, peak visits in limited areas, poor overall visibility, etc.) are rising at the same rate.

Tourism 4.0 for the Black Sea project strives to enable local stakeholders from public and private sector in tourism to increase their understanding of current trends, patterns of tourist flows and impact of visitors as well as predict the tourist impact for taking strategic data driven decisions to foster more sustainable tourism in the future. For this reason, collaboration of all stakeholders of tourism ecosystem as well as exchange of data between them will be promoted to spur innovative touristic services and policies tailored to the regional challenges and opportunities.

The aim of the T4.0 for the Black Sea project is to demonstrate the potential of Data Analytics for tourism development in the area of Black Sea. To achieve this, pilot services will be tested and the dialogue with regional stakeholders encouraged. Tourism 4.0 for the Black Sea project will boost sectoral cooperation and allow greater usage of the Industry 4.0 technologies in tourism. Data driven tourism will enable more sustainable development of tourism in the future.

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