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Tools for uncovering preservation risks in large repositories

SCAPE_logo_thumbThursday 26 June at 14:00 BST / 15:00 CET

Session Lead: Luis Faria from KEEP SOLUTIONS

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An important part of digital preservation is analysing content to uncover the risks that hinder its preservation. This analysis entails answering diverse questions, for example: Which file formats do I have? Are there any invalid files? Are there any files violating my defined policies?; and many others.

The threats to preserving content come from many distinct domains, from technological to organizational, economical and political, and can relate to the content holder, the producers or to the target communities to which the content is primarily destined for.

Scout, the preservation watch system, centralizes all the necessary knowledge on the same platform, cross-referencing this knowledge to uncover all preservation risks. Scout automatically fetches information from several sources to populate its knowledge base. For example, Scout integrates with C3PO to get large-scale characterization profiles of content. Furthermore, Scout aims to be a knowledge exchange platform, to allow the community to bring together all the necessary information into the system. The sharing of information opens new opportunities for joining forces against common problems.

This webminar demonstrates how to identify preservation risks in your content and, at the same time, share your content profile information with others to open new opportunities.


Learning outcomes

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • characterise collections and use C3PO to easily inspect the content characteristics

  • integrate C3PO with Scout and publish content profiles online

  • use Scout to automatically monitor your content profile

  • monitor preservation risks by cross referencing your content profile with policies, information from the world, and even content profiles from peerS

There are 23 places available which will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis. Once you have registered we will send you the link to the WebEx meeting space.

The webinar will also be recorded in case you cannot attend at this time.


Rebecca McGuinness
SCAPE Training Work package Lead