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TICAL2014 Conference

tical2014_logo_notaIn order to enhance the work and the role of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Directors of the universities of the region, since early 2011 the Information and Communication Technology Directors Network of Latin American universities has built a collaborative space that seeks to contribute to the continuous improvement of its institutions.

The TICAL Conference is the place where the community come together, which is feed primarily with the experiences, knowledge and initiatives presented by universities, providing significant and unprecedented solutions around ICT topics for higher education institutions in all the areas of the university labor.




The Fourth edition of the TICAL Conference will be held between 26 and 28 of May 2014 in the Cancun Center (Cancun, Mexico). The programme focuses on the following topics:

  • ICT solutions for teaching and research

  • ICT solutions for management

  • ICT governance and management

  • Infrastructure

  • Information security

For more information visit the event website.