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Export date: Fri Jun 14 22:41:30 2024 / +0000 GMT

The World Horse Library: the heritage of knowledge on the subject of the horse

Creating a library of libraries about the horse is the center of a project coordinated by the MRSH CNRS University of Caen in France. The modernity of cutting-edge digital tools of research, the immense accessibility of Internet networks, the skills of researchers and engineers, curators and connoisseurs are combined in order to make accessible and alive a treasure of resources, knowledge and ideas about the horse, easily searchable within a dedicated portal.

The horse is a great subject of culture and civilization. It has been and continues to be the object of attention and interest in many civilizations for long periods of time and in several continents, and the mass of written documents relating to horse training and breeding is impressive in all fields of the humanities, veterinary treatises, teaching books or literature.

Public and private libraries across the world have progressively collected heritage documents about the horse, equestrian art, and the many activities in which it is involved. This heritage of notable books and libraries is quite extensive and at the same time it is not very accessible. The World Horse Library intends to open up access to this precious heritage and to multiply the possibilities of use. The project, realized with the support of the Normandy Region and the Ministry of Culture, will progressely make accessible and give value to the contents of multiple libraries in a large virtual library.

With just a few clicks, specialists, expert amateurs, and the general public will find texts, printed matter, manuscripts, images, drawings and photos.

The portal is available in 3 languages, currently offering access to ca. 15.000 resources, and is accessible fromĀ