Digital meets Culture
Export date: Wed Feb 21 17:45:25 2024 / +0000 GMT

The second UNCHARTED Policy Brief

UNCHARTED recently published the second of three policy briefs aimed at policy makers who have an interest in formulating or influencing policies about future research and valuating culture.

This policy brief focuses on evidence and analysis of the emergence of values linked to culture in practical contexts and it is based mostly on the results of the investigation and the outcomes of the WP2 researches as well as on the content of the co-creation workshop held in Porto on 16-17 September 2021.

Research shows that for a deeper understanding of the role that the values of culture play in social constructions within different types of context, it is important to adopt a pragmatic view of values. More critical reflections and a broader approach can help address multiple assessments and their tensions better.

Two are the key factors identified that show an important role in shaping the evaluation of culture: the diversity as a value, and the generation of new marks created, for example, by digitization, by spatial segregation ….

The document proposes recommendations focused mainly on the field of cultural production and heritage management and it provides five policy implications: Actors and Contexts, Multiple visions, Power imbalance, Trade-off different values, Portfolio approach.

The policy brief is now available for consultation and download on the UNCHARTED website. The direct link to the document is:

The first policy brief is available at