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Digital interactivity craftsmanship communication development start-up dissemination governance tourism voluntary work investments labour art social networks crowd-funding training

What all these things have in common?


Culture: “Navigator for development”, navigator to all this beauty that is and should be an opportunity of growth for Italy.

This is the theme  of the ninth edition of LuBeC, planned from 17th to 19th October 2013 in Lucca.

The core theme of 2013 is employment: thanks to new competencies, employment could converge into the value-chain cultural heritage–technology-tourism, integrating with Green Economy, Tourism, ICT and Made in Italy.

LuBeCThe event will be inaugurated on 17th October: debates, events and LuBeC Digital Technology, dedicated to projects and solution of enterprises operating in the sector of cultural heritage – technology – tourism, created to let the public know the most innovative tools in support to increase the value of cultural heritage, tourism and territorial marketing.

The big opening will be a plenary session dedicated to the theme “CULTURAL HERITAGE, EMPLOYMENT, AND DEVELOPMENT”: public decision-makers, entrepreneurs, journalists and economists will participate to launch concrete proposals and implementation tools, which can generate ideas, creativity, actions.

A beginning of the event, characterized by presences and interventions of great value to underline the theme of LuBeC 2013, Culture: password for the future.

 Many themes will be developed, starting with an unpublished presentation of two studies carried out by “listening” at the social networks to understand what the users think of some Cities of Arts and the Via Francigena; and further, a number of Focus Employement, sessions devoted to Training and application of energy-saving solutions to cultural heritage, that is the most of the “built environment” in Italy.

Focus Employement also devoted to ICT - central theme of LuBeC since its beginning: we know that the strong development and the spread of Information Technology has long opened the door to new ways to use and to communicate cultural heritage and tourism. Thousands of projects, solutions and ideas have been developed and quite a few buyers bet on this opportunity of business. However, the traditional business models are in crisis ... here, Lubec 2013 will show case case histories of institutions, research centers, entrepreneurs, “techno-craftsmen”, " visionary experts " and investors who decided to bet on creativity, technology and talent.

Real Collegio

LuBeC 2013 will feature the excellence of public and private industries, to present to the audience the themes dedicated to the promotion of cultural heritage and territorial-tourism marketing through focus groups, workshops, debates and seminars, providing new tools to promote and to exploit the extraordinary development potential of Sistema Italia.

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