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Export date: Tue Aug 3 22:54:51 2021 / +0000 GMT

The mapping of impact assessment practices in CH of the SoPHIA Platform

The Sophia platform, is developing a Holistic Heritage Impact Assessment Model. The recent progresses of its evaluation are referred to the identification of the three axes along which the model can be developed which are domains, people, and time. Next step was to collect and analyse existing cases of impact assessment practices for their applicability. At this puropose, members of SoPHIA's Advisory Board as well as stakeholders were asked to reflect upon their experiences and practices of impact assessment in cultural heritage.
This shared reflection led to the identification of an extensive amounts of information on good and poorly done practices in impact assessment: their review was proved to be a crucial exercise in identifying key factors that will define the process of developing the SoPHIA model and will constitute the bases for the creation and implementation of policy recommendations, operational programmes, and guidelines for the use of the model by heritage professionals.Link to the D2.1 Mapping of Impact Assessment Practices in Cultural Heritage
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