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Export date: Fri Dec 8 5:40:46 2023 / +0000 GMT

“The legal framework of cultural landscapes in Andalusia (Spain): limits and possibilities of public participation from an archaeological perspective”

CatturaThe independent European journal of post classical archaeologies PCA recently published an article facing the theme of the participation on cultural landscape.
The contribution was given by Dott. L. Delgado Anés and  Prof. J.M. Martín Civantos from the University of Granada, both  engaged for years in projects promoting forms of participation for the protection and recovery of the heritage of landscapes. Indeed, as explained by the authors in the introduction of the article, “the choice of this subject stems from the accumulation of experiences
gathered during the development of two research projects: MEMOLA ( and more recently REACH (
Intention of the article is to ascertain how  the management and participation in cultural landscapes are conducted and to identify in which conceptual and normative contexts archaeologists should act in their approach to putting into practice a participatory model. The paper advances that this cannot be initiated uniquely from archaeological, or even heritage or cultural, practices. Environmental factors and natural values are essential and have often prevailed over more integrated conceptions of coevolutionary processes between humans and the environment.
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