Digital meets Culture
Export date: Sun May 16 12:11:07 2021 / +0000 GMT

The fifth series of the 'Ways of Making' digital art exhibition in Illinois

"The Visual Arts Gallery at Governors State University is presenting “Ways of Making: Digital Art” featuring the work of artists Kate Friedman, Kate Ingold, and Anne Hayden Stevens...

The exhibition, the fifth in the gallery's “Ways of Making” series, features three artists who use digital images and tools to make their art. “The resulting work transcends the medium and rewards the viewer with rich narratives, intoxicating visual experiences, and reflective social commentary,” said Gallery Director Jeff Stevenson.

GSU1Kate Friedman, Kate Ingold and Anne Hayden Stevens
first met in 2010 through a professional artists' group. They found correspondences of technique, content and form in each other's work because they all use digital tools as a core component of process and production.

The art of these three artists also extends through mixed media investigations of drawing, collage, photography, handwork, and digital or mechanical reproduction, Stevenson said."


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