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The Dutchmann Racing Profile Portfolio

sindiso nyoni.pngby Lucia Ruggiero

10 South African illustrators and designers were chosen by designer Warwick Kay to create posters for a portfolio marking the release of the new Porsche “Weekend Racer” car, which has been redesigned from 1968.

The racing portfolio is comprised of series of posters by Dutchmann and was also created to commemorate the new car's participation in the Kalahari Desert Speed Week 2013, which will take place between the 14th and 17th of September. Artists who took part in the project included Sindiso Nyoni, Michael MacGarry, Skullboy and Warwick Kay.

Each poster was designed by a different illustrator with the intention of combining traditional African art influences and patterns with the iconic images associated with racing posters. One of the most eye-catching pieces featured in the portfolio is by designer, Sindiso Nyoni, and combines African patterns and colours with a racing driver's image, uniquely fusing two concepts and cultures. Richard Hart's piece was also an intelligent approach to the challenge of creating a racing poster that projects a view of Africa, as he chose to illustrate a zebra dressed as a racer and posing in a racing driver's stance. richard hart.png

The vibrant colours and patterns used add a huge level of authenticity and African creativity to the racing driver posters. The posters also mark the huge importance of digital art and design in the world of advertising, as vintage racing posters usually comprise of a simple black and white photo and the smiling faces of car owners. Some posters combined graphic images with typography such as Brandt Botes' bold, dark design with huge lettering and a zooming car image.

matt kay.png

One of the most simple but clever designs is by Matt Kay, and shows a reddish orange background that symbolises red, African sand, and a black tire mark. If you look closely, the black tire mark has a pattern which looks like a tribal, African pattern. The beauty of this particular poster is in its simple but intelligent attention to detail.

Publishing of the Dutchmann Racing Driver Portfolio has been limited to only 30 copies, signed by the illustrators. The limited amount of copies available and huge detail and care that has gone into the design and production highlights that Dutchmann intend to make this portfolio a unique way of celebrating and commemorating the important event of the release of the new Porsche 912.

(Photos: (c) Dutchmann. Posters by Sindiso Nyoni, Richard Hart and Matt Kay)

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