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The Best in Heritage - video promo

The Best in Heritage and IMAGINES: the event for museums and heritage professionals.

In addition to the global survey of best practice, that is featured by The Best in Heritage and in particular by the dedicated special 2016 event IMAGINES, the conference features rich social and cultural content organised with help of Dubrovnik Museums, all taking place in the Renaissance city centre of Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The conference is organised in partnership with EUROPA NOSTRA & the Endowment Fund of ICOM, with the support of the City of Dubrovnik and with sponsorship from Meyvaert Glass Engineering.

This conference was started in 2002 by European Heritage Association from Zagreb, which still supports the event.

Who is meeting whom?

  • Meeting of museum and heritage professionals with various experts we cannot do without (architects, designers, consultants, information specialists, suppliers, tourism experts, media people etc.);

  • Meeting of institutions and professionals from a broad range of practice and interest in the field of heritage to provide practical inspiration and create a rich mutual learning environment;

  • Meeting of experienced veterans and ambitious, creative newcomers from the converging variety of professions in the field of heritage, all in the context of the information society;

  • Meeting of minds and cultures: Dubrovnik has been, throughout its rich history, a geographical point where Mediterranean meets Central Europe, where West meets East, where North meets South.

  • Meeting of museums, heritage and conservation professionals as an opportunity to check rising convergence through four shared objectives and circumstances: user orientation, societal mission, Information and communication technology and common theoretical basis.


The book of the conference is available HERE
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