Digital meets Culture
Export date: Wed Aug 12 18:40:49 2020 / +0000 GMT

The 4th Euro-Mediterranean conference on Digital Cultural Heritage

by Steve Brewer, EGI

EuroMed 2012 brought together researchers from many countries across Europe and beyond in the historical city of Limassol, Cyprus to present hundreds of papers on the rapidly expanding field of Digital Cultural Heritage (DCH). Presentations covered a wide spectrum of activity from 4D historical recreations of Hamburg during significant periods in its history superimposed onto Google Earth, to ARCHES, a geospatial catalogue of immovable artifacts, to various mathematical and chemical models of fire damage and corrosion and their adverse effects on cultural artifacts. Traditionally, much of the research into DCH has been undertaken by individuals or small teams in universities and museums, or memory institutions as they are now often called, reflecting their underlying purpose as custodians of our irreplaceable collective memory. However, increasingly researchers are turning to their colleagues in engineering and science departments to enable them to dig deeper into our understanding of the processes involved in understanding preservation and curation.

In order to further support this need for technological support and wider collaboration, the DCH specialists were joined in Limmasol by representatives from the European Grid Infrastructure, the EU-DAT project and SCIDIP-ES project as well as the recently started DCH-RP project in which is a partner. The driver for this sharing of services and requirements came from the European Commission and was supported by representatives from various Directorates that span these areas.

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