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Export date: Sat Sep 26 14:13:40 2020 / +0000 GMT

SWIB (Semantic Web In Libraries) on EuropeanaTech

img.: Schematic depiction of a knowledge graph in the performing arts domain;  from the paper by Julia Beck, Frankfurt University Library, CC0.

The SWIB (Semantic Web in Libraries) annual conference is one of the essential events related to Linked Open Data in libraries and other related organisations. EuropeanaTech has long been involved in this event as presenters, review board members and organisers.

SWIB19, the 11th conference was held 25 - 27 November 2019 in Hamburg and as always, featured a top notch program featuring institutes from around the world who continue to further the possibilities and potential of LOD within digital cultural heritage.

With the current issue of EuropeanaTech Insight, we took inspiration from the 2019 program, and invited several authors to elaborate on papers that were presented at the conference. Featured within this issue are articles from, ADAPT Centre, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, Frankfurt University Library, Germany, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Germany, GWDG, Germany and kcoylenet jointly with Dublin Core Metadata Initiative.

Read the EuropeanaTech issue at:

We hope that you find these papers valuable and thought provoking. Work and research regarding Linked Open Data continues to be a top priority within the EuropeanaTech community. For those curious about the full program including slides and videos, you can find these here.