Survey + workshop on access to and preservation of scientific information



An European Coordination workshop will take place on 22 October 2012, in Barcelona, to discuss the EC recommendation about access to and preservation of scientific information, dated 17/7/2012.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together e-Infrastructure providers, funders and information experts from the member states to explore the actions required to fulfil the recommendation.

For further details on the workshop programme and how to register see:

Outline Programme:

09:00 Welcome by the host

09:15 Setting the stage
Presentation outlining the current challenges from the perspective of the recommendations from the Commission. Carlos Morais-Pires, European Commission

09:45 Addressing the recommendations
Presentation on the actions member states have taken and are planning to take on the recently issued EC recommendations. Paul Stokes, JISC

10:10 Break Out Groups
Discuss challenges and actions required by member states in the areas of:
– Open Access to scientific publications; chair: Neil Jacobs, JISC
– Open Access to research data; chair: Stefan Winkler-Nees, DFG
– Preservation and re-use of scientific information; chair: Kevin Ashley, DCC

10:45 Coffee Break

11:00 Break Out Groups
Discuss the opportunities for Joint Actions to lead to input for a roadmap in the areas mentioned above

12:00 Identified Actions for coordination
Feedback from break out groups on which actions would be worthwhile adressing in a coordinated manner

12:30 Lunch Break

13:30 Jointly Addressing the challenges
Panel discussion with international initiatives presenting their views on international coordination. Chair: John Wood, ACU; confirmed speakers:

– Alicia Lopez-Medina, COAR on Open Access to publications
– Leif Laaksonen, iCORDI, on research data
– David Giaretta, APA, on preservation
– Peter Wittenburg, EUDAT, on e-Infrastructure

14:40 Break Out Groups

Discussing whether coordinating actions could be connected with an existing body or whether there is a need to work together on establishing a new body in the area of:
– Open Access to scientific publications; chair: Neil Jacobs, JISC
– Open Access to research data; chair: Stefan Winkler-Nees, DFG
– Preservation and re-use of scientific information chair: Kevin Ashley, DCC

15:20 Tea Break

15:50 Presentations by break out groups

16:30 Plenary discussion
Joining the elements discussed during the day into a roadmap; chair: Rachel Bruce, JISC

17:00 Conclusions
Wrap up and next steps


To prepare the workshop, a survey is currently circulating among the community of relevant organisations in each of the member states.

The survey is available on-line: : and the deadline is 17th October.

The questions in the survey are also available as a PDF (588 Kb), to enable respondents to prepare answers before going on-line to submit them.

The survey is intended to prompt member states to consider their position on this subject and to generate discussion at the workshop. With this in mind, the results will be presented as a synthesis of views at the beginning of the workshop (as opposed to a detailed report attributing particular points of view to individual respondents). It is intended that the workshop will help member states to firm up their individual responses and see where those responses fit in a European context.

Ideally, respondents are invited to think about the following questions when responding:

  • What actions have you already taken?
  • What actions do you have planned?
  • Which priority would you like assign to this action?
  • Which actions would require coordination at the European level?


Related links:

Official Workshop website:

Download the mentioned EC recommendation (PDF, 36 Kb)


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