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SoPHIA Final Conference: Social Platform for Holistic Heritage Impact Assessment

News from the UNCHARTED community!

The SoPHIA project (Social Platform for Holistic Impact Heritage Assessment ) is drawing to an end and has announced that its Final Conference, to discuss the results achieved, will be held on 16-17 December 2021 in hybrid format, in Rome and online.

The project, started in January 2020, aims to promote collective reflection within the European cultural and political sector on the impact assessment and the quality of interventions in the historical environment and in the cultural heritage at an urban level.

SoPHIA┬┤s work was focus at creating a community of stakeholders from different fields and disciplines that work together towards the definition of an effective impact assessment model, quality standards and guidelines for future policies and programmes.

The agenda of the event includes two rich days of discussions and presentations:

  • the first day will focus on new scenarios for cultural heritage,

  • the second day will be about the SoPHIA Impact Assessment Model and and its concrete applicability, recommendations for cultural heritage policies.

The conference will facilitate discussions and exchange with relevant stakeholders and suggest recommendations for policy, action and research as well as prospects for the future.
Cultural heritage experts from European networks and organizations will be able to dialogue in view of the future deployment of the model in the cultural heritage sector.

Registration for online attendance is available here.
The programme is available here.