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Silvio Severino digital surrealist from Brazil

Silvio Severino: Neocolonialism

Silvio Severino: Neocolonialism

Born in Porto Alegre, South Brazil, and currently living in Budapest, Hungary, artist Silvio Severino works on photography, collage and GIF Animations/Cinemagraph, creating highly personal pieces. Exploring the notions of beauty, gender and sexuality in contemporary society, he builds surrealist works, where images are diverted from their original intended purpose, and creates a personal view of the relationship between the urban and the natural world.
«I deconstruct the commonly perceived sense of human inter-relationships, – he explains - portrayed by the media and advertising, and reconstruct it into more complex images, by employing a surrealist style. The resulting works show unexpected perceptions of contemporary culture and iconography. »

«Growing up in Brazil – Severino goes on - has helped me with my improvisation skills. In Brazil, we create from what we have available.
Living in London has made me open to dare. In London the art world is very developed and sophisticated. There, you don't need to compromise your work, as there are many niche markets for all kinds of work. London has also a high sense of freedom of expression; a quality, for culture, which is more important than ever these days.
Zurich has taught me to be professional and respect the deadlines. To be punctual, there, it's equivalent to have respect for others.
Budapest is an incredible source of material: full of second-hand shops, with vintage magazines and books, it is simply an incredible city, so beautiful, rich in history and inspiring. »

Silvio Severino has exposed his works in Brazil and around Europe, in UK, Germany and Greece. One animation work of his was shortlisted on the Motion Photography Prize by Google+ and exhibited during a special event organised in London's Saatchi Gallery.

ECM Album - Shift in the Wind - Gary Peacock

Silvio Severino: ECM Album - Shift in the Wind - Gary Peacock (shortlisted on the Motion Photography Prize by Google +)


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