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Seminar on Museology, Museography and new forms of address to the Public

On 10 February 2015, at the Salle Triangle of Centre Pompidou, in Paris, is being held the seminar “Social Hermeneutic Networks”, centred on the topic “museology, museography and new forms of address to the public”; Alain Garnier, Yuk Hui and Henry Story are intervening in the event.


How to establish new forms of dialogue between researchers and critics, between the museums and their public, between teachers and learners? If the digital revolution brought substantial changes to the didactic, scientific and educational sectors of knowledge transfer, we are compelled to think a new model of social network, improving value and significance of the contribution of its users.


In the light of the social network theory developed by Yuk Hui and Harry Halpin on the basis of Gilbert Simondon's philosophical theses and Bernard Stiegler's philosophical research, the seminar will show how the social network can become matter of study and subject of a dissertation or a course, as well as tool for the student, the researcher or the non-professional user. The new social network shall not feature the individualism of Facebook and shall not be a showcase of oneself but a true mean for the sharing among members of knowledge, ideas, experiences. Such sharing and exchange shall contribute to the development and improvement of the social network itself.

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