RO-map: last frontiers of digital art in urban architecture


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RO_map turns the heart of Rome into an open-air museum under the sky that investigates the most innovative frontiers of digital art applied to architecture and urban spaces. From 9 to 12 September, Circus Maximus arena and Piazza Navona will become protagonists of an extraordinary stroke of magic.



For the first time in Italy, the French collective group Coin will interpret the evocative setting of the Circus Maximus in a new light, by means of the monumental installation entitled Globoscope: 256 luminous spheres arranged in an area of more than 3.000 square metres and controlled by a wireless system that will transform the arena into a digital landscape.
Mathematics, sound and lighting will be used by digital artist Maxime Houot from collective group Coin to reproduce, transform and amplify the urban space, as well as to offer the spectators a surrealistic walk under the stars on the evenings of 9 and 10 September.
The festival will continue on the evenings of 11 and 12 September in Piazza Navona. 3-D projections by the artists “Apparati Effimeri” from Bologna will transfigure the Renaissance faҫade of the Church of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart in a synergic composition of spectacular colours, sounds, lights and images, playing on the aesthetic canvas of the architecture. 3-D glasses will be distributed to visitors in the square, so they immerse themselves in the first 3-D mapping ever presented in the capital.

Architectonic mapping is a form of digital art that through 2-D and 3-D projections can effectively transform the architectural structures hosting the performance into stages or projection screens. Music accompanies these gigantic extraordinary visual effects, helping to create a multi-sensorial and highly evocative experience.



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