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RICHES Intellectual Property Rights strategy: the move from analogue to digital and new forms of IPR

WAAG_Marco Baiwir 2009 (cc)The firsts outcomes of the IPR research conducted in the framework of the RICHES project are available on the project website. The project addresses the challenges that digital cultural practices pose to existing copyright law and argues for new perspectives on Intellectual Property Rights. RICHES is at the forefront of re-thinking the intersections between cultural heritage, copyright and human (cultural) rights in the digitised era. How should we re-think the IPR framework that supports our cultural heritage system in order to respond to the changing and challenging times?

The RICHES Digital Copyright Framework - Re-thinking Intellectual Property Relationships within the Cultural Heritage Sector. This is a foundation strategy and a legal framework for understanding the relationship between IPR, copyright and Human Rights in the digital economy and its importance for: digital cultural heritage; cultural heritage that is transformed from analogue to digital and cultural working practices that embrace co-creation as the norm.

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For a quick overview on the project IPR Strategy, check the RICHES IPR flyer.