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'Relative Realities' creates an interactive gallery experience in collaboration with Samsung

Article by Lucia Ruggiero

yuchengco-museum-LIF6BCollaboration between the Yuchengco Museum in the Philippines and Samsung has led to the launching of a new exhibition that explores the work of six Filipino artists through multimedia and new technology.

‘Relative Realities', available for viewing until the 8th of September, encourages a more gallery visit. The gallery is supplemented by a ‘FACETS' app designed by Samsung, which uses augmented reality to allow viewers to get closer to the artwork. The app offers further information on the creation of each piece when a smartphone using the app is held up to scan the artwork, or allows users to engage more deeply with the work through sound, 3D graphics, video and animation.

The six artists selected to showcase their work through this emerging method in a variety of areas within art, ranging from visual artists and printmakers to sculptors and multimedia and performance-based artwork. This makes the exhibition multi-layered, offering a multimedia experience at all levels, not least through the use of technology to advance the viewer's interaction with the art. Samsung's Ultra High Definition TVs are also used to display much of the work at the exhibition as well as information about the artwork.

ambie-abano-LIF6B.jpgJeannie Javelosa, curator of the Yuchengco Museum explains the aims of the exhibition; “We want to break the practice where the museum's curatorial direction of an exhibition collection sets the pace for the appreciation and understanding of art. Would not art be best understood in the pureness of subjectivity — where the artist presents and the viewers formulate their own understanding and experience of the artwork?”

Samsung-TV-art-1024x910.jpgThis exhibition is the first of its kind in the Phillippines and indicates to us an emerging trend of the use of augmented reality apps to enhance the gallery experience.

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