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Registration is open for the 15th edition of Image and Research Conference


img © Ajuntament de Girona. CRDI / Joan Serra Mustich. Passeig General Mendoza 7-10 pis, Massafont Costals, Martí. CC-BY-NC-ND via Europeana

The 15th edition of Image and Research Conference will take place from 21 to 24 November 2018 in Girona, Catalunya.

In addition to a full programme of keynotes speeches, presentations and workshops, the conference includes a discussion space to reflect on the possibility of bringing photographic and audiovisual archives closer to new audiences. On the one hand, the prominence of the image in today's society and in various fields has been established, whether information, creation or interpersonal communication. On the other hand, the conversion of archives into digital spaces allows many barriers imposed by the media itself to be broken down and, at the same time, offers a series of possibilities for the dissemination and re-use that may be of interest to a much wider audience.

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