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Export date: Sun Jun 13 9:04:03 2021 / +0000 GMT

REACH Final conference Cancelled!

Due to the movement restriction measures adopted by all European Countries to avoid the spread of Covid 19 pandemic, the REACH Project decided to cancel its final conference planned for the 4-5 June 2020 in Pisa.
However, the Consortium is deeply determined to maintain alive the possibility to share experiences and expertise related to participation in culture and resilience. It is with this specific purpose that was decided to keep the call for posters and videos alive: all contributions will be posted on a digital gallery hosted by the REACH project's website, available on the same date when the Pisa conference was planned, on 4-5 June.
In the mean time, it is also planned to publish online the contributions expected to be delivered by the speakers.
The REACH Project wishes to be able to organise a one-day event to conclude the project as soon as possible, meanwhile it warmly encourages the entire community of cultural heritage to keep acting and answer to the call by sending posters and videos.
In order to stay up to date with the progress of the publications, visit periodically the call for posters & videos webpage