Digital meets Culture
Export date: Sat Jul 4 22:06:39 2020 / +0000 GMT

Holographic projection at the Citroën flagship store

Car industry is more and more attracted by digital technologies, not only for research and development, but also for contaminating and supporting their marketing actions. Creative and interactive tools are used to engage the visitors at big launch events and during marketing campaigns.


Citroen is celebrating the release of its new models at C_42, its international showcase building located on the prestigious Champs-Elysées in Paris. Entitled “A World of Créative Technologie” the new layout, exhibits and décor will greet thousands of visitors coming to discover the latest achievements and innovative technology from the Citroën brand.


In addition to the new models on show, the visitors will be engaged by digital technology, with an all-new dynamic and sensory 4D cinema experience created in the Racing area, and the Citroën Social Club, a new area dedicated to social network platforms where customers and fans can virtually stay in touch.

Visitors are also encouraged to express their creativity at touch kiosk where they can virtually customize the new cars, while 3D printers are on show modeling the lines of the most recent models.

This interactive and creative approach is complemented by a cutting-edge 3D holographic installation named “Citroen projector”, and developed by the Belgian company Lab 101.

The installation is an interactive, 3D holographic puzzle, and in order to see the photo the visitor has to rotate the structure to the correct viewing angle.

“Picasso didn't use it but it's a common technique for painters to project an image on a wall or canvas in order to over paint it. For the launch of the new Citroën Picasso this technique is used to project a car on to a 3D shape” they say at Lab 101.



At the same time Citroen is setting up “My creative company” in partnership with the Montrouge art fair, an event dedicated to contemporary art, supporting young creative artists and showing their works to the salon's visitors.


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