Presenting ONLUS ICT Ad Duas Lauros


Article by Stefano Fedele

3b542c49e20c63c12af42be91bb6a571Ours is a non-profit organization, we operate in the territory of Roma in South East Municipality V, in digitization, archiving, publication on our websites, images, photographs, texts, documents, video and multi media, of this cultural, historical, archaeological heritage in our territory.

We are valoriziationing monuments of Imperial Rome of fourth century After Christ like: the Mausoleum/museum of Helena (mother of Emperor 0807L04D70Constantine), the catacombs of Saints Marcellino and Pietro (paleo Christian art gallery unique in the world), the ancient Villa Gordiani (IV century AC), the aqueduct Alessandrino (third century AC) and other places that make this area the second largest archaeological concentration in the world (the first is the area of the Colosseum in Rome).

We are building a project of touristic web marketing, cultural diffusion and historical exhibitions, conferences and a little part of  is in Europeana at this link:


We are in the Work Group for design the Via Francigena in our territory and for our activities we got the partnership of the Council of V Municipality of Rome.
Our websites:

Our email contact:


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