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Export date: Sun May 19 7:30:56 2024 / +0000 GMT

PREFORMA presented at OPATL in Girona





Sònia Oliveras i Artau from Girona City Council, one of the memory institutions participating as procurers in PREFORMA, presented the PREFORMA project to the Permanent Observatory of Archives and Local Televisions (OPATL) in Girona.


Permanent Observatory of Archives and Local Televisions (OPATL) is a collaboration project started in 2008 with its main aim to preserve the local television heritage at the regions of Catalonia and Andorra.





The annual plenary meeting of OPATL took place in Girona the 27th March. In this plenary meeting there were 35 professionals attendees of 18 institutions who manage local audiovisual heritage.

The professionals focused their questions on the presentation of the conformance checker results and on the file format selected.