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PREFORMA @ ICA Congress 2016

KoreaThumbnailThe ICA Congress 2016 will be held in Seoul, Republic of Korea. The Congress is a unique opportunity to update your professional knowledge, to compare experiences with colleagues in Korea and other parts of the world, and to meet colleagues and develop new projects. The programme includes more than 200 contributions from well over 300 speakers, many of whom are experts in their chosen fields; some of whom are new professionals building their career and all of whom are passionate about archives.

It features presentations, panels and poster sessions, as well as practical, interactive workshops that "Archives, Harmony and Friendship: ensuring cultural sensitivity, justice and cooperation in a globalised world".

The Republic of Korea was selected as the host for the ICA Congress 2016 given its world-renowned and long standing archival culture and contributions to digital archives and records management. The ICA Congress 2016 provides a valuable opportunity to share South Korea's innovative archival culture, and to showcase its diversity, culture and beauty with the world.

A poster about PREFORMA will be showcased in the poster session at the conference and it will be presented by Magnus Geber from Riksarkivet.




For further information visit the Conference website.



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