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Perugia’s Archive of the Shared Memory

20140120115615-30c74faaThe Italian society has undergone many, sometimes epochal changes: social, cultural, political, but also technological and habit changes.

In the light of these transformations, also Perugia's reality has completely changed and thanks to the images coming from the private archives of the citizens, of the local corporations or firms, the public will have the opportunity to retrace an evocative memory itinerary, itinerary at least in part still live.

This is the objective that the photographic exhibition “Perugia in cammino: storie che fanno la storia – Perugia under way: stories making history”, organised by the Archivio della Memoria Condivisa di Perugia (Perugia's Archive of the Shared Memory), aims to.

Perugia's Archive of the Shared Memory is a cultural infrastructure with the task of collect, catalogue, digitise and enhance the material documentary heritage (photographies, videos, footages, documents, interviews) of Perugia's historic memory. The Archive's project is supported by the Culture and Social Politics Department of Perugia's Municipality, in cooperation with the Culture Department of Umbria Region, and is founded on the constant and active contribution of the citizens.


Perugia under way exhibition is entirely constituted by material provided by the community.

The event is held in the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Palazzo della Penna from the 22nd of December 2013 to the 6th of April 2014; the exhibition aims to improve the knowledge of the deep changes occurred in Perugia from the second half of the XIX Century to the present days. It displays images, documents, footages and objects; in it, the classic family albums and some big collections coexist, for instance the one of the Natalini/Fratticioli Family, embodying the history of photography itself in the city.

logo_archivioperugiaGreat prominence is given to the World War I and its prelude, the Italo-turkish war; both the conflicts are documented by photos and stories of people from Perugia who took part in them, in particular by dead soldier Giuseppe Burini's correspondence. The tale goes on with the 20s and arrives to the World War II. A big section – set up by the Numismatic and Philatelic  Association “G.B. Vermiglioli” - is devoted to the business activities of the period starting from 1834 and closing with the 70s years of the XX Century.

Perugia under way – stories making history was made possible thanks to the contribution of 201 lenders who provided the displayed material, which represents only a selection of the over 20.300 pieces arrived during the Archive's first year of activity.


22 December 2013 – 6 Aprile 2014

Centro di Cultura Contemporanea, Palazzo della Penna

Via Podiani 11 - Perugia


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