Pause Fest 2014: be creative and stay connected!


PauseFest2014Third edition of Melbourne’s digital festival is being held from the 13th to the 16th of February 2014 and this time its theme will be “Connected”: not just because in nature everything is connected, – says George Hedon, Pause Fest’s founder – moreover we want to give you access to the finest samples from the different category of the creative economy in Australia. Pause Fest is a springboard for creative industries that operate within the digital realm to meet, inspire, learn launch and collaborate. Our ambition – Hedon continues – is to enable creative collaborations around the globe and to promote digital culture as the focal point of an annual festival. Pause Fest converges motion, interactive and digital artform platforms to deliver on-screen content, workshops, keynote presentations, interactive installations and panel forums.

Continuing where Pause Fest 2012’s “Future” theme left off, this year’s festival theme, “Connected”, focuses on the possibilities that lie ahead: what we have accomplished at present and what that means for the global digital community in years to come. Staying connected to the past is also vital: by recognizing how each step taken before has influenced the state of the digital world today, we can understand how every great innovation made now will influence the thinkers of tomorrow.

This year, the opening title of Pause Fest will be produced by an award-winning design and live-action directing studio, Syndrome from Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Pause Fest’s Idents and Cribs for 2014 will be donated by amazing studios and artists around the world such as: Twistedpoly, Rich Nosworthy, Scott McPherson, Yes Captain, Woodwork, Glenn Hatton, Váscolo, Lucas Casagrande, HippieHouse, GiantAnt, WiTH Collective.

Airspace animation is the second collaborative project of Rich Nosworthy and SonoSanctus from Auckland, New Zealand. The project aims indeed to create an animation on Pause Fest 2014’s theme, “Connected”. The result is ending up to be an ambitious creative execution.

The ideas were very loosely formed from sketchbook doodles – Rich Nosworthy comments – and some amazing early sound concepts. The ident is a series of suspended urban sound structures, automated and operating above us and all connected by a network of cables. Kind of what it would be like if MTV and Willy Wonka were left in charge of urban planning. The end result will be a series of interconnected shots and cuts of these odd architecturally inspired machines reacting to the sound design, to be composed by Wesley Slover of SonoSanctus.

Elements used in the structures will be motion graphic elements, geometric shapes, audio speakers, cloth sails, traditional construction materials and anything else interesting that fits the mood. The overall feel will be of bright colour bursts, mixed in amongst more man made constructed elements (concrete, glass, steel etc). The final ident resolve will end on one of these structures, exploding outwards with parachute style sails blowing in the wind, with the Pause logo in front. It’s early days of the build so far, but here are a few test concepts of the general idea.

Airspace is based on the theme of the creative community, as we travel through our differing ideas and inspiration together. Each interaction shapes and shifts the overall result, but the hope of creating something new and unique gives us reason to keep doing what we do. And of course who doesn’t like a levitating giant squid monster? Best viewed in the dark with the headphones turned up loud.

Rich also added that this was the most complex project he ever done – Hedon adds –  and this is great to hear. It’s cool that he could polish his skills working on the Pause project while collaborating with a sound designer. SonoSanctus created truly happy and quirky sounds that underline all elements in the animation. 


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