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PASIG 2019 conference

The Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group (PASIG) is dedicated to advancing the practice of digital preservation and archiving. It brings together practitioners, industry experts and researchers to share experience in a vendor-neutral forum on how to put preservation and archiving into practice, including:

  • guidelines, best practice, assessment/audit criteria and standards,

  • architectures, designs, workflows and deployments,

  • tools, systems and services,

  • trends, directions and emerging products/solutions,

  • case studies, reviews and practical findings, and

  • comparisons and choices such as community or proprietary, onsite or hosted, customised or standardised solutions.

pasig The community is above all focused on the practical aspects of digital preservation; while it discusses standards, it is not a standards-setting organization. Theory, research and policy discussions are also relevant, to the degree that they have a direct and tangible impact on current digital preservation practice. The PASIG Forum is a place to share practical experiences, successes, pain points, and, increasingly, a forum for fostering coordination and collaboration to enable the most effective use of our resources. To cross-pollinate global ideas and practice, PASIG events typically alternate between eastern and western hemispheres and are held roughly every 9-12 months at volunteer host institutions. The 2019 edition of the PASIG Forum will be held in Mexico City on 12-14 February 2019. Registration is now open! Program: