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Open Education: Condition Critical

Screen-Shot-2014-10-27-at-16_43_53Thursday November 20th 4:30-6:30pm, at Coventry University, a panel exploring opportunities to critically and creatively experiment with different ideas of what the university and education can be.

Open Education: Condition Critical

What for decades could only be dreamt of is now almost within reach: the widespread provision of free online education, regardless of a student's geographic location, financial status or ability to access conventional institutions of learning. Yet for all the hype-cycle that has been entered into over MOOCs, many experiments with Open Education (OE) do not appear to be designed to challenge the becoming business of the university or alter Higher Education in any really fundamental way. If anything, they seem more likely to lead to a two-tier system, in which those who can't afford to pay (so much) to attend a traditional university, or belong to those groups who prefer not to move away from home (e.g. lower-income families), have to make do with a poor, online, second-rate alternative education produced by a global corporation.


  • Sean Dockray (The Public School) – via Skype

  • Richard Hall (De Montfort University Leicester)

  • Shaun Hides (Coventry University)

  • Sharon Irish (University of Illinois/FemTechNet) – via Skype

  • Pauline van Mourik Broekman (Mute)

Open Education: Condition Critical will examine some of the opportunities that exist for experimenting, critically and creatively, with very different ideas of what the university and education can be in the 21st century.

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disruptive media

The event is organized by the Centre of Disruptive Media of Coventry University, focused, among other topics, on open publishing and currently working on 2 open books: Open Education: A study in disruption (the editing team included Prof. Gary Hall and Dr. Jonathan Shaw) and Photomediation: an open book, created in collaboration with Goldsmiths University of London in the framework of the Open and Hybrid Publishing pilot of Eu project Europeana Space.