Online talk about Future of Education, with Professor Peter Scott


On 24th of May 2013 (1 PM Brussels time / CET), as part of the “Future Fridays” series of webinars on Futurium, Professor Peter Scott, Director of the Knowledge Media Institute, will present his vision of the Future of Education & Learning

New channels. New affordances. New learners?

peter_scottForesight thinking from projects like STELLAR and TELMAP help us to see the emerging shape of a new learning landscape, and to put innovations like Learning Analytics and MOOCs into the wider context. However, new channels for reaching learners are appearing constantly in our networked world. In this talk I will connect these visions to the practical experience of the UK’s Open University in the design of learning experiences to fit the affordances of these new channels. The Open University distributes materials to learners worldwide via its OpenLearn programme, on iTunes U., in YouTube, and via a variety of other ‘podcast’ channels. As Apple announce the billionth download from iTunes U, now is a good time to reflect upon the new channels and the new affordances they offer. Indeed, the Open University on iTunes U (with over 60 Million downloads to date) is 70% to iOS mobile and tablet devices. Is it possible that the “book” affordance is the most important one to focus on next?

Professor Peter Scott is the Director of the Knowledge Media Institute of the UK’s Open University. KMI is a Research and Development Unit, which explores the future of learning. He has a BA & PhD in Psychology. Before joining the Open University in 1995, he taught Psychology & Cognitive Science at the University of Sheffield, with a textbook in each of these subjects. From 2007-10 he was elected founding President of the European Association of Technology Enhanced Learning.

From 2008-12 Peter was the coordinator of STELLAR, the EU’s 7th Framework Network of Excellence in TEL. Peter’s research group in the institute, prototypes the application of new technologies and media to learning.

Peter’s current research interests range widely across knowledge and media research. Three key threads are: telepresence; streaming media systems; and ubiquity.

In June 2008 he coordinated the launch of The Open University in iTunes U, which passed 60 Million international downloads in January 2013. Peter is currently musing on how to exceed that milestone…


Participation to this webinar is free and open to all who are interested in the subject. Only registration is required. The webinar will take place entirely online in a virtual room.

On the day of the event, the link to this room will appear on this page:



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